Welcome to the Clinton Presbyterian Church website.  We are located in the small town of Clinton, Kansas on the west side of Clinton Lake near Lawrence, Kansas.  Click on the "contact us" link to view a map.  Check back frequently for updated information.


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"What Makes You So Special?"

We have started a new Sunday School class, titled "What Makes You So Special?"

This class will be studying the book titled "Personality Plus: How To Understand Others by Understanding Yourself."  So just what makes you so special? A lot of things. Find out just how wonderfully and creatively God made you in Personality Plus. In this study, you will learn whether you’re: • a spontaneous, vivacious, cheerful Sanguine • a thoughtful, faithful, persistent Melancholy • an adventurous, persuasive, confident Choleric • a friendly, patient, contented Phlegmatic or a combination of theses. You will also learn how to best use these unique, God-given assets to bring harmony into all your relationships. In this study, author Florence Littauer explains, “When we know who we are and why we act the way we do, we can begin to understand our inner selves, improve our personalities, and learn to get along with others.”

Please come to Sunday School this Sunday!  It's not too late to join us!
Class starts at 10:00 sharp, so come ahead of time, grab some breakfast (the pancakes will be hot and ready) and join us for great conversation, great food and the best fellowship.

Pastor Pat, Clinton Presbyterian Church

  • January 25 - Youth Fellowship - WinterJam KC 2015 - Meet in the Stull church parking lot at 2:00 pm.
  • February 8 - Clinton Church Annual Meeting immediately following worship
  • February 8 - Youth Fellowship (12:30 pm) at Stull church
  • February 8 - Bring donations/money for the Lawrence Community Center. 
  • February 16 - Clinton Presbyterian Women (7:00 pm)
  • February 20 - Congregation Strategic Planning Meeting (6:00 pm) It's a potluck...so bring a dish or two to share.
  • February 22 - Youth Fellowship (6:00 pm) Fiesta Night!! 
  • February 27-March 1  Youth Fellowship - Dare2Share Conference in Denver, Colorado

Church Cookbooks For Sale!!
How about a cookbook with over 600 recipes at the bargain price of only $10.00?! Contact Pam Johnston or any other CPW member.  You may also email us at
Join us each Sunday

Worship Service
11:00 am

Fellowship and Breakfast
10:15 am

Children's Sunday School
During regular service

Pastor Pat Yancey